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Hunter & Soo – Ogden Utah Temple Wedding – Ogden Utah Wedding Photographer

March 3, 2021

Winter Wedding Pictures at the Ogden Utah LDS Temple

Second Shooting is what us Photographers term when another Photographer comes along during a session to capture additional images. As a Second Shooter, I like to make sure I assist the Lead Shooter with whatever they need, be it grabbing gear from somewhere, switching a lens, or even checking into a hotel for them. Second Shooting is a great way to gain experience taking pictures at weddings and to build your portfolio if the Lead Shooter is agreeable. Even though I’m a seasoned Photographer at this point, I still like to go Second Shoot to keep my skills tack sharp, find ways to be creative and learn from others in the industry.

I had the opportunity to Second for the incredible McKenna Rose Photographer at her brother’s wedding at the Ogden LDS Temple in Ogden, Utah mere weeks before Christmas. If you are not familiar with temple weddings, they are sacred ceremonies that are limited to members of the faith that hold a recommend to be inside one of the holiest places on earth. Photographing these ceremonies is prohibited, so the first moments out the door are extremely precious to couples getting married in a temple. 

The tricky part is that you never know how long the ceremony is going to go and phones are not allowed inside either. I’ve always been one to arrive at the temple at the same start time as the ceremony, or Sealing, so I don’t miss a beat. But that can mean waiting around for as long as 1.5 hours for the couple to come out. For Hunter and Soo’s wedding, I arrived a little later than normal but still waited on the temple grounds for about an hour before the couple came out. Which just meant I snagged a bunch of images of the gorgeous Ogden Temple!

Hunter and Soo were married on an abnormally cold December day and it happened to slightly flurry as soon as they came out of the temple. McKenna was a machine getting all of the family photos they could possibly want and had me there to take pictures when she wanted to be in the frame. I felt so bad for Soo in her short sleeve gown, but she was so brave against the cold! Fortunately she had even thought ahead and planned on wearing a gorgeous white cape between shots to help keep her warm. 

Hunter and Soo’s relationship struck me as a quiet love. They didn’t need to be ostentatious to know they love each other. Hunter’s jovial demeanor was a dead give away on how happy he was to be marrying this sweet woman. I was so touched by the gleam in Soo’s eyes when she looked at Hunter. They are such a sweet couple and I am so happy for them! Thanks for letting me tag along on your special day guys! Congratulations!

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