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Reed & Maryanne’s Wedding – Eagle Mountain Utah – Utah County Wedding Photographer

March 4, 2021

Intimate winter wedding pictures in Utah County

Reed and Maryanne’s intimate wedding took place on a sunny Saturday in mid January. Reed is my oldest brother, so I was honored to capture this special day for them. It started out at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lehi Utah for the Groom’s Wedding Detail pictures, as he got ready for the day. We chatted about his anxiously excited feelings and the preparations they made ahead of time for their special day. Taking Reed’s pictures in the hotel felt like magic and it convinced me that pretty much every bride and groom should get a nice hotel room for the night before! Haha. 

Bridal Getting Ready pictures for Maryanne took place at her parent’s home in Eagle Mountain, Utah. As her incredible HMUA Becky Swayze worked away, I had time to capture those perfectly curated details she had spent so much time and energy on collecting and planning to be part of her day. I love the time I get to capture wedding details like this, as it gets my creative energy flowing and sets the tone for the rest of the day. I will always encourage my couples to include this time in their wedding collections!

We had planned to do their First Look prior to their ceremony to provide a good flow for their day, but still have that special wedding moment without all the eyes of family and friends. It was originally going to be at a nearby harbour, but we ran out of time, so ended up doing them in a field next to the church house where they were later married. At first glance, fields don’t look like much, but they can make for some seriously beautiful photos! It had turned into a stressful morning, but taking these few minutes for Reed and Maryanne to tune into each other by sharing a love letter I asked them to write really helped the mood turn around! I am going to recommend that all my couples take this time before the ceremony to check in with the real meaning behind the day – that you are marrying your best friend and that’s all that really matters.

Following the wedding ceremony and photos with friends and family, we did make it over to the harbour for these special “Just Married” portraits. It was a beautiful day, even though it was a small wedding. I am so grateful I got to serve my brother and his new wife! Welcome to the family Maryanne!

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