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Provo Utah Wedding Photographer – Nathaly & Jarom – Winter Engagements and Formal Wedding Portraits

March 12, 2021

Provo Utah Wedding Photographer

Cold but romantic Engagements and Formals Shoot by Temple Fork in Logan, Utah

How did they meet?

Nathaly and Jarom met through the Mutual app. After 3 months of communicating back and forth, Jarom knew he needed Nathaly in his life. There was just one hitch: she lived in Brazil! Love knows no bounds, right? So Jarom hopped on a plane to go see her! Less than 2 weeks later they were married civilly. Natahly and Jarom then decided to submit her visa documentation. They waited a grueling 8 months for her immigration interview and were finally able to come back to the United States!

Jarom surprised Nathaly with a proposal on New Year’s Eve so that they could be married in Brazil. Both of them are anticipating the day they can be sealed together for time and all eternity. So after being in the states for a while, Jarom decided to propose to Nathaly again, but this time in front of the temple where they would hopefully become a forever family. (Man, this guy has all the romantic genes, am I right?)

How did they find their Wedding Photographer?

In anticipation of this celebratory event, Jarom and Nathaly were looking for a Photographer. Nathaly has been dreaming of a snowy Engagements and Formals type shoot. She found similar pictures I had on Instagram and knew she needed me! This couple was sweet enough to make the 2 hour drive to me and another 30 minute drive into Logan Canyon for the perfect backdrop. Nathaly and Jarom are absolute magic together. There is so much happiness, so much love between them it was almost tangible. At times I chose to just be silent and let them have their moments to soak this process in. They were a wonder to behold.

What happened after their Engagement Pictures?

When it came time to head home after their magical session, we ended up getting stuck behind some cars. A sedan was trying to cross the bridge back to the main highway. It was attempting to make its way up the small hill, but the road was so snowy and icy, they ended up sliding into the bridge’s railing! Watching their struggle from my SUV and knowing I didn’t have chains to pull them out, I thought I would offer to push from behind, hoping to get them back on the road.

I and one other driver approached the stuck vehicle and offered our help. After several attempts at pushing and the car not budging at all, we realized it must have been high centered. I found a tire rod in the back of the car and laid down next to it to try and dig out a bit. We put Jarom’s Mom on the road to flag someone down to help. Low and behold, not 2 minutes later, what shows up? A tow truck! What a miracle!

Unfortunately the tow truck’s 4-wheel drive wasn’t working, so he had to inch his way out of the ice and snow using the car lift and wench the stuck vehicle up foot by foot. It took about an hour to get both the tow truck and the little sedan out of the snow! My poor husband was so stressed and worried about me when I didn’t get home for an hour past the time I thought I’d be back. So glad I had 4-wheel drive and high clearance! But what a story, huh?

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