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Logan Utah Wedding Photographer – Charlee & Jonah – Utah Engagements Photographer

March 21, 2021

A love story: how did they meet?

Charlee and Jonah met when he came home from his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Charlee was working with Jonah’s sister and they had become good friends. Jonah happened to also be good friends with Charlee’s brothers. Jonah had come home from his mission a little earlier than expected due to some health problems, but he was committed to living by mission rules of no dating until he was released. Charlee and Jonah saw each other on an almost weekly basis. Once he was given the all clear, they finally started dating.

How did they pick their Wedding Photographer?

I met Charlee and her Mom at a Bridal Faire in January of 2021. A bridal faire is a great way to find wedding vendors in your area, especially your wedding photographer! It’s an even better way to get to know their personalities and if you’re going to jive with them. I had such a blast chatting with Charlee, her Mom and the rest of her entourage. When her Mom heard that I prioritize getting any elderly guests and young children done with family portraits, she was convinced I needed to be Charlee’s wedding photographer! It also helped that our personalities clicked right away!

How did the Engagement Pictures shoot go?

Romantic, easy going and cuddly are my favorite adjectives to describe Charlee and Jonah’s relationship. I didn’t actually meet Jonah until we met up at First Dam in Logan for their Engagement Session. But his jovial personality won me over right away. As soon as we started shooting their Engagement pictures together, I was so taken with the way Jonah gazed at Charlee. I could see the love pure as day on his face for this “pure-hearted woman” (his words) in his arms. 

Charlee and Jonah enjoy going on drives, snuggling, going to the gym and watching movies together. I’ve heard it said that a real and healthy relationship is being comfortable when there is nothing to say between you. Charlee and Jonah are that couple. There is such an ease between them. She told me that, “He’s my rock, best friend, my hype man all in one. He helps me feel proud of my accomplishments and hard work.” Isn’t that the sweetest thing? I had such a blast working with them and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding day!

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