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Logan Utah Wedding Photographer – Emily + Peter – Logan, Utah

April 8, 2021

Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

A love story: How did they meet?

Emily and Peter found each other via the Marching Band at Utah State University. Peter claims he noticed Emily on the very first day. He kept his eye on her, waiting for an opening to make his move. That time finally came around Halloween, when the entire band gathered for a party. Peter saw her talking to a friend, playing some games and hanging around. Peter had to talk to her. Emily admits she was charmed by him right away. A few weeks after the party, Peter wanted to meet up with some friends and he knew she would be there too. He posted in a group asking for a ride there, banking on Emily’s offer to pick him up. And boy, he was right! The two have been inseparable ever since.

How did they find their Wedding Photographer?

I met Peter and Emily at my booth at the Logan Bridal Faire at the Riverwoods Conference Center in January of 2021. They are such a sweet, soft-spoken couple! 

Let’s talk about their Engagement Pictures!

Emily and Peter selected the Spiral Jetty on the Great Salt Lake for their Engagement session. It’s about 1.5 hrs from Logan Utah in a very remote location, so I offered to drive. I think it is so important to know your Wedding Photographer. You don’t need a complete stranger showing up on the most important day of your life. A stranger that is going to shove a camera in your face. You need a friend, a familiar face, that can help set your nerves at ease. Driving with Emily and Peter to the session was the perfect opportunity to do that! 

I picked Peter up at his home in Logan Utah and found out that Emily was still at her nail appointment a few blocks away. She was in need of some hairspray, and since I’m the Photographer to help with any need, I suggested we go grab some from the store nearby and pick her up on our way out of town. When I got back to the car, Peter told me that Emily had missed his message so we backtracked to pick her up. The minute this cute, bubbly girl climbed into the car, Peter lit up! His energy calmed, his eyes brightened and his smile widened. It was so obvious to me how much he adores Emily. So so sweet. 

The Spiral Jetty offers a beautiful, unique location. Between the remnants of an old pier and the rock sculpture created by artist Robert Smithson in 1970, it’s a must-see! I love the linear but rustic look the old pier provides. The lighting was perfect for us to start there. As a Wedding Photographer, I have a slew of various poses and prompts for my couples to get them moving, connected and having fun during the Engagement Session. Both Emily and Peter admitted to loving when I asked him to sneak up on her, grab her from behind and swing her side to side. The smiles from those pictures just go to show how much fun they had! 

On our way to the Engagement Session, Emily asked for some unique pictures that would include her Nintendo Switch. Gaming is a big part of her relationship with Peter and I love including personal touches in shoots, so of course I was game! (Haha, see what I did there?) After wrapping at the pier, we found a great spot to do her special request photos. Which turned out so cute in my opinion! I’m all for making your wedding experience unique and custom to you!

As the light began to fade, Emily and Peter did a quick outfit change to get some pictures with the actual spiral and most importantly to her, waterside. We all froze on the way out to the actual waterline. The light disappeared fast, so we weren’t able to get as much as we would have liked, but I do think the few we got were worth the trip!

Tune back in after a few months for Emily and Peter’s big day. I can’t wait!

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