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Logan Utah Engagement Pictures – Ramsay & Wyatt – Logan, Utah

May 20, 2021

Logan Utah Engagement Pictures Photographer

A love story: How did they meet?

Fallon and Wyatt have the most quintessential love story. She was working in a diner waitressing. He was a Firefighter having lunch with his buddies. Looks were exchanged. Numbers were too. And the rest is history. 

How did they find their Wedding Photographer?

Fallon and Wyatt are originally from Pinedale Wyoming. Logan Utah is the next nearest “big town,” and with Ramsay and her Mom’s love of Logan, she decided to attend a Bridal Faire in Logan, Utah. When Ramsay and her Mom passed by my booth, I knew I needed to be her Wedding Photographer! I was enamored by Ramsay’s genius brain, model-like beauty and affable personality. 

Let’s talk about their Engagement Pictures!

While at my bridal show booth, Fallon entered to win an Engagement Session with me. I used a completely randomized process and she ended up winning! We were both ecstatic! Fallon and Ramsay opted to drive to Logan for their Engagement Pictures Session. A few days prior to the session, I became ill with COVID-19 like symptoms. I got so nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to do their Engagement Pictures! I ended up getting a rapid COVID test and negative results! Phew! Talk about dodging a bullet!

The Spring of 2021 had been a cold and miserable one. But Mother Nature decided to show off for Ramsay and Wyatt. It was a perfectly warm evening with nice sunshine coming down through the trees. I loved the way they looked at each other, the way his arms wrapped around hers and the way her smile shone looking into his eyes. I can’t wait for their summer wedding in Pinedale next month!

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