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Logan Utah Engagements Photographer – Ashley & Bucky – Logan, Utah

May 26, 2021

Logan Utah Engagement Session

Logan Utah Engagement Pictures
Ashley & Bucky are planning a summer wedding this June. She was on the hunt for a Photographer for their big day when she found me on Google! We did a quick consultation over the phone. I believe it is so important to know your Photographer prior to your big day, so I structure my collections to include an Engagement Session. This allows us the opportunity to get to know each other, what our vibe is like and to practice for your big day. Ashley was in love with this concept and booked right away! 

Prior to their Engagement Session, I took one of my 90 page Wedding Guides to Ashley’s house to help with her planning process. Unfortunately she wasn’t there. We still didn’t meet when Ashley chose to buy a dress from me for her Engagement Session and I dropped it off at her house. The big meet finally took place when we arrived on location for their actual Engagement Session! 

Ashley and Bucky have a long history of heartache, struggle and perseverance. I was in awe of their laughable but real personalities and their deep, mature love for each other. We did their Engagement Session on a beautiful spring day full of sunshine and the slightest touch of wind. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to know Ashley and Bucky! I can’t wait for their summer wedding next month!

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