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Formal Photos at Ashton Gardens in Thanksgiving Point – Nathaly & Jarom – Lehi, Utah

June 16, 2021

Formal Photos at Ashton Gardens in Thanksgiving Point

Formals at Ashton Gardens

Nathaly and Jarom love photos. We had done a session for them a few months ago that served as an Engagement/Formals shoot combo. But when they booked their Wedding Reception at Thanksgiving Point, they found out they were eligible for a free pass to the stunning Ashton Gardens! They decided then and there to do another Formal Session at Ashton Gardens. And boy. Ashton Gardens did not disappoint!

Ashton Gardens is a lush botanical garden that sprawls a whopping 50 acres next to Thanksgiving Point. There are 15 themed mini gardens throughout the estate that include cascading waterfalls, fountains, statues, small streams, a Koi Pond and more! Timing worked out for Nathaly, Jarom and I to shoot in the height of their annual tulip festival. Which just added even more beauty to such a gorgeous place! 

Ironically, I had set a goal not 6 months prior to our shoot at Ashton Gardens to shoot a wedding at Thanksgiving Point. So Nathaly and Jarom’s decision to shoot here was an absolute dream! Ashton Gardens is open to the public. You are just required to purchase a photo pass, admission and then pay for a golf cart that allows you to roll around these expansive Gardens. 

My favorite part of the Formal Pictures at Ashton Gardens was when we shot at the Italian Gardens. The cascading water feature is so interesting and beautiful. But when you add a couple in love, soft evening light and Italian music from Josh Groban, the place became magical. So grateful for this opportunity! I can hardly wait to shoot here again!

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