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Logan Utah Wedding Photographer – Matt & Morgan – Logan, Utah

August 7, 2021

Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

I had the opportunity to photograph Matt and Morgan’s wedding day on a beautiful *almost* summer day in May. Morgan’s family had questioned their decision to pick that month, claiming it would most certainly rain. But Matt and Morgan remained faithful that the sun would shine. And shine it did. 

I met Morgan a few years ago, when she referred some wedding clients to me. We worked side by side for this couple’s Formal Session and again on their wedding day. Morgan has such a fun and easy vibe about her, I was drawn to her from the get go. I secretly hoped we would get to work together again, but never did I expect it to be for her own wedding! 

Let’s talk about their Wedding Ceremony

Matt and Morgan were sealed in the Logan Utah Temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Photography is not permitted in the temple, so I arrived 30 minutes after the Sealing Session and waited for their grand exit. Sealing Sessions are never consistent in length. I’ve had couples exit the temple within 20 minutes of their Sealing, and some not for 1.5 hrs. I believe the average of what I see is the couple coming out 1 hr after the Sealing, so I try to split the difference. (I tell my couples prior not to exit until the specific time I will be there, just in case.) While I was waiting, I happened to meet one of the groomsmen who told me an incredible tale from the Bachelor Party. 

What happened at the Bachelor Party?

Matt and his guys had a beach day at Bear Lake, which included a very small 4-man sailboat. Matt and three of his guys ended up getting caught in 6 ft swells of water. They miraculously could call the Coast Guard for a rescue. Apparently the Coast Guard wasn’t yet prepared for the season, so it took 45 minutes for them to launch the boat and get to the cold and water-logged crew. As the story goes, the waters were too rough for the boat to get close enough to have the 4 men board directly, so they had to jump into the 40-something degree waters and make the small swim over to safety. Crazy, right?! I was pretty dubious about this story, but 2 other guys confirmed it was real. Talk about a scene straight out of a movie, right?!

Now back to the wedding!

Finally the big moment came. The happy couple strode out of the temple doors, hand in hand and beaming with joy! After greeting a few friends and family members, Morgan started exclaiming, “I’m a wife! I’m a wife!” It was the sweetest and cutest thing.

Morgan and Matt are pure adventurers by heart. Somehow they managed to arrange a collaboration with Chacos and got matching footwear for all the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids! We took a brief moment to get everyone outfitted with the sweet footwear before moving onto Family and Group photos. At the conclusion of these pictures, Matt, Morgan, their Videographer Kalli and I made our rounds of the temple grounds for Wedding Portraits of new Mr. and Mrs. These photos are always my favorite part of the wedding day. It allows us to focus on the happy couple. It gives them time to just enjoy each other’s company for a few *almost* quiet moments on the biggest day of their lives. They get to love on each other and grin from ear to ear, celebrating such a joyous day.

What about the reception?

That evening, Matt and Morgan hosted one of the most unique and coolest receptions I have ever seen in my 5 years of photographing weddings. It was a perfect representation of their relationship and interests. It was held in a quiet green area behind a church house in Layton, Utah. The couple had arranged for a white tent to house all the food for the evening. The common area was speckled with a number of fire pits for guests to roast hot dogs and s’mores as they mingled. The dance floor was hopping with tunes from one of the best DJ’s in the biz: Justice Meza. And if that wasn’t enough, to tie everything together, Matt and Morgan parked their RV next to the reception space! Photos of the couple’s many adventures together lined the sides of the RV as the perfect finishing touch. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to photograph such a happy day for this wonderful couple! Wishing them all the happiness and adventures life has to offer!

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