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Wedding Experience

Thinking about becoming an MBT Couple? A couple things you should know:
1. I am going to want you to gush about your love story! Don't spare me any details! I want to hear about your dating story and a detailed account of how you got engaged!
2. Every couple is treated with care and respect here. I believe in kindness, charity, service and compassion. I'll tend to your needs throughout this process, including getting you and your fiancé something to eat or drink in the middle of your reception. I want you to enjoy every moment!
3. I will do everything in my power to help you with anything you might need! Let me help you find that vendor you're looking for. Or if there's a break in our day and we need to change your luncheon space to a dance floor, I got it!

Your dreams came true! You found THE ONE! The one who surprises you, who challenges you, who makes your heart skip a beat. (Congratulations!) Now it’s time to plan the wedding of your dreams. You’re going to need someone with an artistic eye to capture every moment and every carefully chosen detail so that you can focus on staying in the moment on the most special day of your life.

Now close your eyes. Picture yourself walking down the aisle to the man (or woman) of your dreams. Can’t see it? Here are some photos to boost your imagination.

Great! What's next?

We're Official! (Well, officially booked anyway.)
Let's chat by phone or Zoom! Once you've decided you need this gorgeous work in your life, we'll sign a small contract and you'll pay a 25% deposit on your coverage.

We'll chat about a time that works for everyone and select a location that shows your interests as a couple. I'll give you some direction about what to wear to help create the beautiful MBT look. We'll meet up and I'll tell you the secret sauce to great photos. I will have sent you a questionnaire about you guys as a couple so I can get to know you ahead of time and capture your special love in it's own way. I'll give specific directions on how to pose and interact , with the intent to flatter your bodies and help you feel comfortable and confident. You'll receive  your photos within 2 weeks of your session and blast them all over your Socials because you'll be so in love!

First Look/Formals
Imagine the look on your fiancé's face when he sees you all dressed in white, ready to become your H.U.S.B.A.N.D. (Can you believe it?!!)  Now imagine sharing that moment in an intimate setting, breathing it all in, feeling grateful that all of your hard work and late nights have culminated into this beautiful moment. A moment for just the two of you. That's what a First Look is. Many couples opt to do these Formal Portraits on a day apart from their wedding so guests are not waiting around for an hour. You've been to that wedding where you've been starving and had to wait for the bride and groom, right? With this option, you get time to focus only on your fiancé and time to party and celebrate with your friends and family.

The Big Day
It's here! Finally! You get to marry the man of your dreams! If you'll let me, I'll be there to capture every step of the way: the pre-ceremony nerves as you get beautified, the gown of your dreams, your color scheme and the moment you say, "I do!" or step out of the temple. I will have sent you a questionnaire 2 weeks before your wedding to get your ideal schedule and I'll do my best to help you stay on time. Your guests will be blown away by my efficient direction during group photos that makes it quick and painless. (Something i get a lot of compliments on!) I'll be sure to grab some grub for you and your new husband! At the end of the night, we'll do a controlled exit to get that epic shot you've been dreaming of before sending you off into your Happily Ever After. Wedding photos will be available within 8 weeks of your big day.


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